Partial Client List



"It was a pleasure collaborating with your team.  The schedule was extremely demanding and the tasks were difficult but the entire team came through time and time again. I would certainly recommend your services to anyone of my peers that needs top of the line 3D modeling, lighting, and texturing and animation" - Jason Mayo, Executive Producer/ Partner, Click3X

“We have worked with 3Dmirage on several very high profile accounts.  We have been extremely satisfied not only with their quality of the work, but with also with their ability to manage the customer expectations…   We believe we have created a great partnership and look forward to deeper and immerse relationship in the future.” - Jim Madden, ex-CEO - Cycore

"The 3D models you have done of our computer boards not only are cool but have generated additional traffic to our web site. Using the 3D models in our PowerPoint sales and marketing presentations have been very impressive. Words like “cool” and “wow” are often heard. We were the first of our competition to use this technology to demonstrate our product capabilities. Several of our competitors have tried to imitate our 3D models but have fallen short technically. Obviously they did not use 3DMIRAGE.” - Patricia Armstrong, MarCom Manager- Artesyn Communication Products

“When 3DMIRAGE e-mailed me the files the night before the talk, they had a little surprise for me: these weren't just 3D renderings of futuristic computers, they were actually animated and interactive. During my presentation the next morning, I was able to click their buttons with my mouse, rotate their screens, unfurl what needed unfurling, and so on. The audience went crazy, cheering and clapping and ultimately giving the talk a standing ovation.”- David Pogue, writer columnist for the New York Times

“Both our VP of Sales and myself were extremely impressed with 3DMIRAGE’s capabilities in the areas of creating 3D content. We believe that there is a great potential for collaboration between our two companies.” - Eyal Zagagi, President & CEO - Virtue

“Once again I want to express our sincere thanks to you and your staff for the way in which you were able to execute our project. From the project’s outset we acknowledge that there was almost no time for pre-production, an uncomfortably tight production schedule and significant budgetary constraints. Nonetheless, the finished product is a truly faithful rendering of our vision.” - Jack Ives, President –

"3DMIRAGE was of great assistance to us when we put together a presentation using a complex display device to show the United Architects’ work on the World Trade Center re-design project. We had technical problems with the display while we were on an intense deadline, and 3DMIRAGE came to our assistance with solutions and an incredibly friendly attitude. Above and beyond the call of duty, 3DMIRAGE was there to help us make it work." Brian Loube – Interactive Executive Producer, Imaginary Forces  

To find out how 3DMIRAGE can assist you with your upcoming or current 3D animation projects, please send us an email at or call us at 1 (877) 3DMIRAGE.