3DMIRAGE ("3DM") is a New York based production and consulting company, providing services for clients and studios who need assistance in executing thier 3D animation projects. Our goal is to help companies find the most efficient solution to reach the quality of work required and complete the projects within budget and on time. 3DM's experienced team of talents are comprised of creative directors, animators, artists, programmers and technical experts who can ensure your projects success starting from any stage to final completion.

We have worked with many large and small animation studios and design firms in the US for many years and have helped them reduce the cost of creating 3D content without sacrificing the quality of their projects. For over 10 years 3DMIRAGE has assisted in the successful completion of over 300 diverse projects to date which include: 3D content for Film, Broadcast, Video Games; Architectural, Medical & Legal firms: interactive content for the Web; and specialized animation content for Auto Stereoscopic 3D Displays.

Some of the high profile projects we have assisted in include creation of 3D content for the Walt Disney television series "Tarzan", 3D modeling for Terminator II and Matrix web-sites, modeling work for the Desperate Housewives video game, architectural fly through for Samsung's promotional marketing during the Olympics, providing talent to complete a 7-minute character animation sequence for the Furberries toys and creation of animation content for 3D auto-stereoscopic displays for companies such as Comcast, WebMD, US Smokeless, Diageo amongst many others.

To find out how 3DMIRAGE can assist you with your upcoming or current 3D animation projects, please send us an email at info@3dmirage.com or call us at 1 (877) 3DMIRAGE.

Think 3Dâ„¢ is a registered trademark of 3DMIRAGE